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Nov 25

Fishing Report

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Fishing Reports

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On Left:

Pat Vance from IL, fishing with Cpn Mike, caught this bass on Okeechobee. (Click Photo for full size)

January 14 ... hot spots around the lake at this time are many, The outside edges of grassy island are producing bass on senkos and chatter baits, Tin House cove is holding fish... During this time of year a black 10 inch worm or a black/blue senko worked slowly through the cover will get you all the bites you can stand...

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Whether it's fishing, sight-seeing or even bird watching, it's all available and waiting for you. We have the best  fishing guides on the lake here in the city of Okeechobee, not to mention the nicest most modern airboats to take you on a thrilling ride through Okeechobee's massive expanse of marshland.

November 25 With generally good water quality in the littoral zones of the lake the bass population may be at an all time high. Big bass are in the mix with Artificial bait anglers finding bass willing to rise to the top and strike on top water offerings. Specks are starting to show up in greater numbers each week ... Everyone is looking for the ideal time to catch fish, particularly big bass, October through May would be that time. 
In addition to catching fish the sheer beauty of Lake Okeechobee is a sight everyone should experience. There is nothing like a sunrise on Lake Okeechobee, the majestic beauty of the huge lake awakening is awe inspiring.
October 20 ...where wave after wave of bass will move in and feed heavily. Mid-October, November and December are often the time of year when the single largest bass of the year are caught, not to mention the large number of bass caught per trip. It's prime time to fish with live wild golden shiners. The sheer excitement of watching your bait as a hungry bass chases your shiner before inhaling it is unmatched, the energy generated by the strike of a bass on a wild shiner is thrilling.


Fay damaged trees and homes.


Canals and lake rose up!
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Spend some time around Lake Okeechobee.  If you're looking for a place to spend a few nights we have modern Inns or old school fish camps, you decide. When it comes to food you can get breakfast at 5am before your day of adventure or dine on steak,  barbecue or fish once the sun sets and you finally slow down. We are more than just a cow town, although the gentlemanly manners of the local ranchers influence a  life style you can't help but enjoy. Down home work ethic and friendly folks, maybe more than a destination, a place to settle for a great life.

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