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If you're trolling the market for a fishing boat, you already know it's a big investment. The last thing you want is to be all washed up in a holey mess because you bought a poor quality boat.

Fishing boats come in all sizes, from small motorboats for inland lake fishing, to small whalers, to yachts designed for cruising the deep seas. If you want to prove yourself as a hardcore fisherman, or fisherwoman, one of the best ways is by investing in a fishing boat. Be sure before you buy, and make the right investment in your new vessel.

Owning a boat can be great fun, but there are hidden costs to consider before you buy. Basic upkeep fees can net a lot of cash. You need to keep your boat clean and fueled. Unless you have your own marina or garage, you'll have to pay for parking and storage. Dry-docking your boat during the off-season will cost more than a nominal fee. Even if you plan to moor the boat under a tarp in the backyard, there is the transportation to consider. The boat will have to be towed home in the winter, and back to the water in spring. To do it yourself you'll need a pickup truck or van, a boat trailer, or a really good buddy who has both.

If you've decided that your budget allows, you can start comparing fishing boats. Shop around and research your options well, before making your final decision. It seems there are as many makes and models of fishing boats on the market as there are cars and SUVs, so you'll be up to your neck in options. With so much to choose from, you should be able to find the boat to suit your needs perfectly.

Bass Pro Shops is one brand-name boat model that offers good quality at a decent price. The famous angling supply store introduced their first "fish ready" Tracker boat way back in 1978. Since then, they've mastered the design and technology of boats, rigging all of them as if they're meant for pros. Bass Pro Shops boats come packaged with a motor and a trailer. Marine gear packages are optional.

Charger boats are another big name in crafts known for their performance and quality. Like Bass Pro Shops, Charger boats are built by a no-nonsense company that believes in providing effective and innovative fishing boats.

Spend money on a poor quality boat, and you can find yourself waist-deep in problems. Fishing boats are a big investment, but if you shop around and buy the right one, it will be nothing but smooth sailing ahead.

About the Author: James Williams contributes to several web sites, on recreation and hobbies and travel and recreation topics. - Brand Banner

Tips On Buying Fishing Boats

2007, 12:00 am 

 by: Travis Clemens


Selecting and acquiring the ideal fishing boat is a real art for someone who has already gone through many experiences as far as boating is concerned. However, it can be a daunting task to those who have not yet experienced buying a fishing boat.


To make the activity easier for the first timers, here is a list of tips that they can use when choosing an ideal fishing boat.


1. It is important to consider the purpose of the fishing boat.

Buying a fishing boat has only one purpose: to be used in fishing. However, before choosing the perfect fishing boat, it is important to consider also the other purposes.


First, the place where the fishing boat will be used should be taken into account. Will it be in the ocean or in other bodies of water like lakes?


Second, the time of the day it will be used. Will it be for day trips or for overnight fishing activities?


If the fishing boat will be used for ocean cruising and overnight stays, it would be better to buy a fishing boat that has a hull. This is specifically designed for rough waters. This design is meant to ride with the waves, hence, providing more comfort to anglers while on board.


2. The budget

When buying a fishing boat, it is important to know if the buyer can afford to acquire a boat. Fishing boats, or any boat for that matter, can be very expensive. Hence, the buyer should know how far his budget would go as far as fishing boat prices are concerned.


3. The warranties

It is extremely important to know if the fishing boat has a warranty. It should be analyzed and meticulously scrutinized because not all warranties are created equal.


Hence, it is best to buy a fishing boat from dealers that will provide the necessary services in case their product is found to be defective.


4. The certification

When buying a fishing boat, it is important to take note if it is certified by the "National Marine Manufacturers Association" or the NMMA. This agency guarantees that the certification they give to every boat manufacturer is a guarantee that the fishing boat had passed the agency's standard of excellence.


The bottom line is that, people should do more than just look around when choosing the ideal fishing boat. They should learn how to look for the important details in order to ensure that the boat they have acquired is definitely worth their money.

About The Author

Travis Clemens is a life time fisherman and he knows the ins and outs of gettinem on the hook! You too can gettem on the hook with Travis as your guide!



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Aluminum Fishing Boats: From Compact Jon Boat to Custom Design!
January 1, 2007          by: Neels Theron


Looking around on the web for an aluminum fishing boat? You'll soon enough find out there are a number of different ways to go, depending on your needs and budget...


Are you looking for something very straightforward and uncomplicated you can quickly fit on your pickup? Or maybe you want something more sophisticated you can use for both tournament fishing and recreational fishing?


Another option - if money isn't your biggest concern - could be to look into a custom built boat with everything just the way you want!


You will probably know why you're looking for an aluminum fishing boat as opposed to a fiberglass or steel boat, but lightness (greater performance or fuel savings) and strength (around 35,000 pounds per square inch (psi) will deform it as opposed to 30,000 psi for mild steel) are probably the greatest advantages.


Price also comes into play as many an aluminum fishing boat owner have reported looking around for similar fiberglass boats and being put off by the prices.


In addition it is not only the purchase price, but also the maintenance costs afterwards which one need to take into account.


Aluminum is practically maintenance-free. If left unpainted aluminum will form a supertight layer of aluminum oxide on its surface and then will stay that way indefinitely.


What else is great about owning an aluminum fishing boat? Aluminum is fireproof and non-toxic; it is natural, and the most abundant metal in the earth's crust. It is easily repairable, and a great advantage for boats: aluminum won't absorb water!


What about price? Well, you can start looking at something that was designed to fit right into small pickup truck beds like a Meyers Explorer 12 Jon Boat. This one goes for only a few hundred dollars!


Then you can move up to something much more advanced like the Tracker Pro Angler V-16. The Tracker features large lockable rod storage that holds up to 7'6" rods, divided aerated livewell with Flow-Rite aeration, a deluxe console with a simulated burlwood switch panel and more.


On the Tracker there's always plenty of room for tackle, people and gear. Even an amateur would know that this was a great aluminum fishing boat after only one ride!


Then there's the Ranger Cherokee 217, which is known for an extremely wide front casting deck. It also features an extension-deck option to make it even bigger. (Note: Unfortunately Ranger stopped making them, but if you can find one, rest assured it's a solid boat. Crestliner's boats can now offer a similar quality in a bass boat).


You may also want to look at unique boats like those of Design Concepts. Their aluminum fishing boats are crafted with a revolutionary hull configuration called Drop-Keel. Instead of being flat on the bottom like other boats, Design Concepts boats are engineered to drop just below the water line before turning upward at the bow. This feature keeps the cutting edge of your boat in the water at all times.


Design Concepts also offer a "true lifetime warranty": even if you sell your boat, the warranty stays with it, ensuring you the highest value retention of any boat you can buy.


How about a custom-built aluminum fishing boat? As an example, King Salmon Marine lets you choose many details like the position of the console, overall length and hight, bottom width and thickness - even the type of aluminum alloy!


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